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Go virtual, don’t cancel your event! Don’t put your organization’s activities on hold. Do what other organizations have successfully done and go virtual. We can help organize the interpretation and platform logistics for your next virtual meeting. Contact us for a live demonstration to experience how effective this is.

Are You Getting the Best Translations? Have you ever hired a translator and been dissatisfied with the result? Here are a few simple tips to avoid that. I hope you find these tips useful for future translation work you may need. We look forward to hearing your comments and please don’t hesitate to get in touch for your next translation project.

Translators & Interpreters: Working With Professionals. Has Covid-19 had an impact on your organization? Are you organizing bilingual events online? Whether it’s for a short business meeting, a multi-day conference, a series of workshops, a webinar or any interaction that requires Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), our team of professional interpreters can help to facilitate your international communication.

Free Video Conference Interpretation Demonstration. Sign up for a free 15 minute explanation / demonstration of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom. Last week we interpreted during a meeting with 74 participants from 17 countries. We have participated in business meetings, webinars and conference calls with people from all over the world.

Covid & International Communication.This brand new world of coronavirus, whether we like it or not, is forcing everyone to adapt and change with a speed that was unimaginable barely a few weeks ago. In our field, simultaneous interpreting during a video or audio conference such as Zoom, is called Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

We Translate Ideas, Not Words. Proverbs are occasionally easy to translate, for example, Más vale tarde que nunca is quite clearly Better late than never. This is a literal translation and in this case, the sayings exist in both languages. However, they aren’t always that straightforward to translate.

The Best New Equipment. Did you know that over the past two years we have completely re-equipped the company with new equipment? We now have enough new equipment for a large event of up to 400 people and state-of-the-art portable equipment for small groups or for an international delegation visiting projects in the countryside.

Nuremberg 1948: The first interpreter. Nowadays, we take it for granted when we see diplomats at UN meetings with earphones plugged into the six official UN languages – English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Russian – so that they can understand speeches being delivered in these languages.

Royal Academy of English. There is no such thing as a Royal Academy of English. The closest thing to a central authority on the language would be dictionaries and grammar books, but these report how words are used – not how they should be used. So does English need a Royal Academy like the Real Academia Española?

10,000 living languages. The Observatoire Linguistique, based in Wales, has identified more than 10,000 living languages. Dr Dalby, the director of the observatory, considered that reports that a third of spoken tongues would become extinct in the next few years were “absolute rubbish” and that the majority of languages were not being destroyed by an increase in the use of English.

Translators & Interpreters: Working With Professionals. Comment from a satisfied client. The service-minded attitude and professional work of Sheila Wilkin and her company has always been highly appreciated by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, as well as our partners and others who have been very dependent on the quality of the translation, interpretation and smooth operation. (Danish Institute for Human Rights)

New: | Translation and Interpretation. We’re proud to launch our new interactive, bilingual website, that allows you to see the full combination of services that we provide. Please consider asking us for a personalized, easy to understand quotation for your next interpreting event or translation.

Traducimos Ideas, No Palabras. Los proverbios son en ocasiones fáciles de traducir, por ejemplo: Better late than never se traduce claramente como Más vale tarde que nunca. Ésta es una traducción literal y en este caso, los dichos existen en ambos idiomas. Sin embargo, los proverbios no siempre son tan sencillos de traducir.

Bilingualism and Intelligence. Apart from the fact that it’s obviously useful to know more than one language, recent research has also shown that it has a positive effect on your brain. It can help to develop cognitive skills unrelated to language and protect against dementia.

Translating it all: Food Security to Mayan Ceremony. The New Year is always a time to look back and reflect on the previous year. What struck me most about 2011 was the huge variety of subjects I worked on in my translating and interpreting.

We Are All Interpreters. We’re constantly interpreting what other people say. We interpret the meaning of the words we hear and the speaker’s intention; we listen to the tone of voice, and we detect any hidden meaning as a result of our relationship.

Educating the Client. How often have I heard remarks like this: Oh, I’ll get the secretary to translate it – she took English for a couple of years at school. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Even after a quarter of a century of experience, I still encounter linguistic challenges almost every day.

Global Translations. Perhaps the most interesting parts of my work are the people I get to meet from all over the world and the unusual variety of projects that I work on. For example in the past six months I have enjoyed working with clients from a dozen countries.

Caught in the Web of Words. I have worked in Guatemala for 25 years interpreting and translating the English and Spanish languages. I get to participate in meetings between heads of state as an interpreter and learn about a huge variety of interesting topics doing translations

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