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As professional translators and interpreters with over 30 years of experience, we believe that translating is both an art and a science.

30 years of experience. Contact us about your interpreting needs for your next event.

  • Private meetings, workshops and seminars, multi-room conferences, escorting visitors to field projects.
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation for video conferences and remote events.
  • Interpretation between English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • A complete range of interpreting equipment for different sizes and types of events.

Contact us us for your next translation.

Our international clients regularly express how pleased they are with the clarity of our translations and the timeliness of our delivery. Key qualities of a translator are the ability to write well in the target language, understand the culture of the country in which the text originated, and be knowledgeable about the subject matter of the translation—including current terminology. Contact us for a personalized, easy to understand, professional quotation.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
Contact us about your interpreting needs for your next virtual event.

Virtual Conferences. Simultaneous interpretation during a video conference such as Zoom is called Remote Simultaneous Interpretation or RSI. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in video conferences for international communication. This is how we can help:

  • By providing interpretation for online meetings, webinars, workshops or conferences without the need to travel.
  • We work with an efficient, easy to use remote simultaneous interpretation platform.
  • We have sound-proof rooms and an interpretation sound technician on call during meetings.
  • Experience in providing RSI for small 10-person meetings or for 100 people from over 20 countries.
  • We also provide remote interpretation during multi-room events.
  • We can be ready for last-minute meetings when required.
  • Our extensive experience in the field of interpretation will ensure effective communication.
  • Contact us for a personalized, easy to understand, professional quotation.

Our Talented, Seasoned, Expert Team

We have a full range of multilingual interpreters.

On projects such as multi-room conferences or remote simultaneous interpretation we work with our team of experienced  interpreters—many of the same ones that we’ve worked with for 30 years—who each have their own specialty and unique skill sets. Having a strong, flexible team allows us to participate in multiple daily events and multi-room conferences.

With their individual specializations, there is always someone on the team who can focus on highly technical themes—from development to micro-enterprise to medicine. We pair you with the best interpreters for your specialized needs.

We can provide technicians and a full range of equipment for your next event. Click here to see how our state-of-the-art equipment will complement your professionally planned event.

  • Williams Sound [the industry standard] equipment for large events.
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation platform for video conferences and remote events.
  • Portable wireless transmitters and personal receivers for events on the go.
  • Wireless microphones for event hosts, trainers and speakers as well as for audience questions.
  • Sound isolation booths for the interpreters.
  • Projectors, sound systems, computers.
  • Contact us for a personalized, easy to understand, professional equipment quotation.

Your modern equipment worked perfectly and the technicians couldn’t have been more supportive throughout the event. Congratulations!

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About Sheila Wilkin’s Translation and Interpretation Services
Sheila Wilkin, our director, has been translating and interpreting between English and Spanish for over 30 years in Guatemala.

We work on a wide range of topics—which in the past year has included Covid-19 press releases, training on drug detection, biodiversity, tax incentives, child care reform, security in the tourism sector, a five-week practical and theoretical training on drones, a seminar for local members of Congress. During this same period, we have worked with people from over a dozen countries. Learn more about our qualifications.

Recently we’ve worked with over 50 different companies and organizations including:

American Embassy, Bayer, British Embassy, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, FAO, Friendship Bridge, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Guatemalan Foreign Ministry, Inter-American Development Bank, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Labour Organization, Nobel Women’s Initiative, Organization of American States, Oxfam, Pan American Health Organization, Rainforest Alliance, Southcom, United Nations Development Programme, UNICEF, UN Women, USAID, U.S. Army South, World Bank, World Food Programme, World Health Organization.

Would you like to learn more about the practicalities of how interpreters interface with clients at events? Visit our Beginners Guide to Interpretation to learn more about the different kinds of interpreting, the information we need from you in order to organize interpretation for your event, the equipment we use and why, and how we can collaborate with you to make your event a success.

Please contact us for your next interpreting event. We look forward to hearing from you..