We will provide, deliver, set up and manage the interpreting equipment you need for your event—interpreter booths, microphones, transmitters and participant headsets. We have specialized interpreting equipment for events that range in size from small, private meetings to large, multi-room conferences for 500 people or more. We have state-of-the-art portable, wireless equipment for back-to-back, high level meetings or lightweight, portable equipment for escorting visitors to project sites.

See below for further information about our additional event support equipment, including Conference Microphone Systems that facilitate participation by providing one microphone per person, projectors and sound systems.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Conferences. We can also provide an efficient, easy-to-use remote simultaneous interpretation platform for your virtual meetings. Contact us about your next virtual event.

  • We can provide interpretation for online meetings, webinars, workshops or conferences without the need to travel.
  • We work with an efficient, easy to use remote simultaneous interpretation platform.
  • We have sound-proof rooms and an interpretation sound technician on call during RSI meetings.
  • Experience in providing RSI for small 10-person meetings or for 100 people from over 20 countries.
  • We also provide remote interpretation during multi-room events.
  • We can be ready for last-minute meetings when required.
  • Our extensive experience in the field of interpretation will ensure effective communication.

Contact us about your next virtual event whether it’s for a short business meeting or a five-day multi-room conference.

Williams Sound Portable, Wireless Transmitters

This is a lightweight, portable, wireless transmitter for use by interpreters outside the conference hall setting. These are used in conjunction with portable receivers when traveling with visitors in the field—or when a group of meetings have been scheduled throughout the day and the visitor will be traveling to different sites. These pocket-sized units combine superior audio with easy-to-use controls.

Williams Sound FM Portable Wireless Receivers

These portable, wireless receivers are the receiving end of the transmitter above. These versatile receivers can be used either in the conference hall setting, while traveling in the field or during a series of office meetings. These pocket-sized units combine superior audio with easy-to-use controls.

Williams Sound Portable Digi-Wave System
    • Ideal for business or governmental meetings, in a court, a boardroom or during military training.
    • Provides crystal clear audio for delegates and interpreters using the latest wireless technology.
    • Reduces the risk of external interference.
    • Enhanced security features prevent unauthorized individuals from eavesdropping on the meeting.
    • Since it is fully portable, it can easily be transported to different venues internationally and set up within minutes of arriving.
Sennheiser Freeport Wireless Microphones and AKG Lapel Microphones

Based upon the needs of the event and the event’s speakers, we have a variety of microphones that include tabletop microphones, wireless lapel microphones, and these wireless, handheld Sennheiser microphones for members of the audience to use. All come with their own multichannel transmitters. The speaker’s voice is electronically routed through a mixing board to the interpreter so they can best hear what the speaker is saying for accurate interpretation.

Sennheiser Conference Delegate System

In a setting where you have a group of delegates sitting around a table speaking different languages, each delegate has their own microphone and headset with a built-in control unit.

Williams Sound IC-2 Interpreter Console

Designed to meet international standards, the interpreter console gives the interpreter control of incoming volume and sound quality from the speaker. Inside the booth, the interpreter connects their headphones and microphone to the unit. Initial volume levels are set by the technician, but it’s useful for the interpreter to be able to control the volume of the speaker’s voice as room conditions vary.

Epson Powerlite s31+ Projectors

With high image quality, the Powerlite s31+ is ideal for basic, brilliant and powerful presentations. It makes colors up to 3 times brighter than other competing projectors and ensures bright and vivid images.

Sound Systems

Our dB Technologies CROMO 12″ speakers provide 400W of power. They are paired with our Topp Pro MX 10 Channel Mixers for presenting the highest quality sound.

Portable Booths for Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpreter booths allow the interpreters to speak into the microphone without disturbing participants sitting nearby. Depending on the event setting, we have two types of booths—a tabletop model designed to sit on top of a hotel catering table—and full height, freestanding booths that are large enough for two interpreters. Our booths are a knock down design which require no tools for installation.

Enrique Ávila

Quique is our chief technician and leads our sound equipment team. He has been working with sound equipment specific to interpreting events for the past 14 years. If possible, Quique likes to set up the equipment for an event the day before and run a sound test. This gives him additional time to run a second test the morning of the event. Quique likes all things to do with sound technologies, sound quality and problem solving—but what he particularly enjoys is working with our clients!

 Please consider contacting us about your equipment needs.